What I Do

My Curiosity & Passion is about
Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

I help people grow and business thrive,
turning ideas into products & services.
My support comes through multiple roles.

    As a Facilitator,
    I effectively guide teams to reach their desired outcomes.
    As a Coach,
    I identify and strategically address areas of change, fostering innovation and personal growth.
    As an Advisor,
    I provide external perspectives and feedback to help navigate business challenges.
    As an Executive,
    I develop and execute strategic action plans, establish startup ventures, or oversee interim management.

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Over the years, I have run several digital transformations, change or innovation initiatives, intrapreneurship programs, strategy workshops, design sprints, design thinking training, or hackathons for different organizations, but intensively in the European Pharma & Medtech industry. I have developed strategies with the involved people, implemented innovative digital products or services, and successfully launched a handful of corporate startups.

Power to the People!

My Experience

In healthcare, I gained the most experience and can rely on a broad international network, as i worked with:

Anyhow, innovation & change is constant and needed in every industry. As a curious and open mind, I also have been trusted to work with 20+ clients from different sectors, including Atotech, Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Daimler AG, Covestro, Datev, EIT RawMaterials, FinLeap, McKinsey, O2, Red Bull, Rohde & Schwarz, Toshiba, Wall AG or ZF Friedrichshafen.

What People Say About Me

"Lutz supported our German commercial organization in taking a huge step towards digitization for our solutions. During the program Lutz sparked us with his energy, truly lived the ‚yes-and‘ approach and constantly challenged our ways of thinking and doing while putting our customers first.”
- Christiane Behrendt, Global Head of HR, Roche Diagnostics

"Lutz applied and taught agile and Design Thinking methodologies, knitted the group of people from different countries and cultural backgrounds into a true team, and kept the team and the program on track. He is a true leader, innovator, and motivator.” - Volker Lang, SVP R&D, Biotronik

“Lutz inspired us all with his visionary thinking and creative attitude. The work of him has had and continues to have a great impact on our way of thinking and our daily work.” - Sandra Vodene, Global Marketing, Thermo Fisher Scientific

“Lutz is very innovative and creative. He prepares results in an agile way and is a master in communication (between his team and ours) and consulting. You can see that he enjoys finding solutions in an iterative and agile way.”
- Bert Oberholz, Head of IT Innovation, Covestro

Coach & Mentor

Supporting founders & entrepreneurs is always a fantastic learning experience. I am grateful for all the opportunities to meet and mentor those smart minds out there, who want to change the world! Over the years, I participated as a lead mentor and coach in the following programs:

Case Studies

In the past, FTWK was a digital product studio with 15+ people. I led a team of strategists, designers and developers. Grateful Times! :)

Please find three selected case studies from those times below.

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FTWK GmbH & Co. KG
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