What I Do

My Curiosity & Passion is about
Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

I help people grow and business thrive,
turning ideas into products & services.
My support comes through multiple roles.

As a Facilitator,
I effectively guide teams to reach their desired outcomes.

As a Coach,
I identify and strategically address areas of change, fostering innovation and personal growth.

As an Advisor,
I provide external perspectives and feedback to help navigate business challenges.

As an Executive,
I develop and execute strategic action plans, establish startup ventures, or oversee interim management.

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Over the years, I have run several digital transformations, change or innovation initiatives, intrapreneurship programs, strategy workshops, design sprints, design thinking training, or hackathons for different organizations, but intensively in the European Pharma & Medtech industry. I have developed strategies with the involved people, implemented innovative digital products or services, and successfully launched a handful of corporate startups.

Power to the People!

My Experience

In healthcare, I gained the most experience and can rely on a broad international network, as i worked with:

Anyhow, innovation & change is constant and needed in every industry. As a curious and open mind, I also have been trusted to work with 20+ clients from different sectors, including Atotech, Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Daimler AG, Covestro, Datev, EIT RawMaterials, FinLeap, McKinsey, O2, Red Bull, Rohde & Schwarz, Toshiba, Wall AG or ZF Friedrichshafen.

What People Say About Me

"Lutz supported our German commercial organization in taking a huge step towards digitization for our solutions. During the program Lutz sparked us with his energy, truly lived the ‚yes-and‘ approach and constantly challenged our ways of thinking and doing while putting our customers first.”
- Christiane Behrendt, Global Head of HR, Roche Diagnostics

"Lutz applied and taught agile and Design Thinking methodologies, knitted the group of people from different countries and cultural backgrounds into a true team, and kept the team and the program on track. He is a true leader, innovator, and motivator.” - Volker Lang, SVP R&D, Biotronik

“Lutz inspired us all with his visionary thinking and creative attitude. The work of him has had and continues to have a great impact on our way of thinking and our daily work.” - Sandra Vodene, Global Marketing, Thermo Fisher Scientific

“Lutz is very innovative and creative. He prepares results in an agile way and is a master in communication (between his team and ours) and consulting. You can see that he enjoys finding solutions in an iterative and agile way.”
- Bert Oberholz, Head of IT Innovation, Covestro

“Over the past two years, Lutz has coached all new project teams in the BIH Digital Health Accelerator program at Charité. As an experienced communicator, he successfully established functional interdisciplinary teams. As a free thinker, he challenged the teams to uncover critical unknowns. As a strong motivator, he helped teams progress in their product development endeavors. I would recommend working with Lutz on corporate and entrepreneurial projects challenging the status quo in healthcare and beyond.”
- Tim Huse, Head of Digital Health Accelerator at Berlin Institute of Health at Charité

Coach & Mentor

Supporting founders & entrepreneurs is always a fantastic learning experience. I am grateful for all the opportunities to meet and mentor those smart minds out there, who want to change the world! Over the years, I participated as a lead mentor and coach in the following programs:

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FTWK GmbH & Co. KG
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