Innovation as a Service

FTWK is a digital innovation consultancy that helps its partners shape the future of healthcare in times of digital transformation, while keeping people at its core.

We believe that new ways of working help create innovative products & services, that are viable, desirable and feasible. The healthcare market is complex, but it’s our specialty. We tap into our vast network of doctors, healthcare professionals, designers and technology experts to tailor solutions to your toughest challenges.

Innovation Consulting
New ways of working
Digital Products & Services
Company Building
Regulatory & Compliance Support
Innovation Consulting

“What is the real problem?” is one of our favorite questions. Identifying what's needed is the hardest task for everyone. Usually we receive one of three types of requests: those who have a plan and need execution; those who have an idea and need a plan; and those who know their challenge but need ideas and a plan. We like this last option a lot. It enables us to co-create a workable answer together. To do so, we are well-positioned within the German digital health startup ecosystem. Our dedicated, collaborative approach is highly valued by our partners.


General Consulting
New ways of working – Corporate Innovation

How do large organizations create an internal cultural transformation to intrapreneurship and innovation?

We help bring different answers to the table. We’ve built successful and collaborative programs in agility and empowerment for major pharma players. We help established companies break out of old patterns of thinking; this calculated risk-taking model brings forth fresh ideas from inside the company and a new approach to leadership.

Our work changes hearts and minds. It also fosters a vital collaboration with the outside community in the form of Hackathons, Labs, and events. This results in a transformative impact on corporate reputation and future directions.


Intrapreneurship Program
Accelerator & Innovation Lab
Design Thinking
Digital Products & Services

We help our partners turn challenges into digital products & services and bring them to market. Fast. Real. Efficient. We deliver viable business outcomes with a clear focus on customer value, within the Lean Startup methodology. Through human-centered design and agile development, we create future business models within the standards and regulations of the European healthcare industry. We know what’s needed to build products, especially for the healthcare journey. By asking what the touchpoints are, providing competence in design, and connections to IT partners we help Chatbots, Apps, AI, ML, VR/AR, and Platforms come to life.


Business Model Innovation
Design Sprints
Service Design
User Experience
Interface & Frontend Design
Hardware & Software Development
Growth Hacking, Traction & Traffic
Agile & Lean Startup Methodology
Company Building

Do you want to build future businesses in the healthcare area? Let’s set it up. From Incubation to Acceleration to Growth, we cover your needs and turn products into companies. It needs commitment of 3-5 years, investment and a VC-mindset.

Regulatory & Compliance Support

To build a long-term solution in healthcare, you have to know how to innovate while still respecting the rules and the patients. We act within the standards and regulations of the European healthcare industry. If you have a startup that seeks clinical evidence or a corporate who wants to build relationships with startups, we can sort it out. The key is navigating what’s permitted while pushing the envelope on what’s needed by the users and community.

  • Strategic Medical Advisory
  • Clinical Affairs & Trials Management
Looking for a solid partner in crime in building great digital products, services and companies in the healthcare sector?
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